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2.1. DocuSketch Tool Kit

In this lesson, we will touch on the different items included in the DocuSketch hardware kit.

  1. The Camera We currently have the option to use either the Madventure and Ricoh Theta which we use to capture 360 images of the room or area you are shooting.


  2. SD Card  This serves as the memory of the camera. It is a chip inserted into the camera where all the raw images are stored.

  3. Camera Cables – This is used to charge and connect the camera to a USB socket.

  4. Tripod It's a three-legged stand for support on which the camera sits on when the whole kit is deployed.

  5. Hardware Case  Also known as a equipment chassis, this is where the hardware kit is kept for ease of transportation.

  6. LED Lights This is best used to help brighten the room for dim and dark areas while capturing an image with the camera.

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