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15.3. Managing User Accounts

Managing Accounts

After account creation, we now show you how to manage them. Each management function available to use will be discussed in detail.

To begin, make sure you have the List User Accounts option selected on the Admin Options Panel

Now focus your attention to the action panel on one of the accounts under your organization.

The action buttons are divided into topics explaining how they work.


Deactivate – The account is deactivated, making it unusable. The account is not deleted, instead, it is tinted with a bright pink red to indicate it is deactivated.  

A pop up window appears to confirm if you would like to continue deactivating the user account.

Note: Accounts are never deleted. If you wish to have an account completely deleted and removed or reactivated, contact our support helpdesk at help@docusketch.com.


  Edit – This option allows you to edit important account information like username and password.

Office Account EDIT screen.

User Account EDIT Screen

The only difference between an office account edit screen from a user account edit screen is the fact that user accounts has an Office drop down option that allows you to reassign the user to a different Office account.

Other than that Phone numbers, address, may be added and edited along with the account’s login credentials.

An email can also be sent to notify the account holder.

Click on the Submit button when done.


  Settings – This tab allows you to customize the branding for the account. Options are detailed below

Logos & Styles

This tab allows you to customize the branding for this account. Let us discuss each option here in detail.

  • Upload Logo – Upload your desired logo design here. There is no size limit for the image you wish to upload. The system automatically scales the image accordingly. We recommend keeping the logo images in PNG format when uploading a logo into the system.
Example of a hotspot image.
  • Upload Hotspot – Icons and images can be uploaded here for custom hotspot design. When clicked on, a hotspot will transport you to the next picture or room, helping users navigate and preview rooms. You can upload any graphic from arrows, to pin icons to little logo icons at will. Note: the image size should not go beyond 100×100 pixels and should be in PNG format.
  • Upload Tripod Cover – The tripod cover hides the tripod and camera with a branded icon or image. Note: the image size for all tripod covers should not exceed 400×400 pixels, be circular in form and in PNG format.

Click on the SAVE button when done.  

Player Design

The player design tab allows you to set specific features for the tour player.

  • Logo – The logo toggle allows you to toggle the branding in the top left corner of your player on and off.
  • Welcome Window – This option allows you to toggle the welcome text message that appears when you load a tour on and off.
  • Auto Rotate – This option allows you to toggle the auto rotate for your tours on and off.
  • Property info icon – This option allows you to toggle the property info icon on and off.
  • Property location icon – This option allows you to toggle the property location icon on and off.
  • Agents contact icon – This option toggles the agent contact icon on and off and is located in the lower right hand corner of your tour player.
  • Share 3D tour icon – This option allows you to toggle the sharing option for the tour on and off.

Click on the SAVE button when done.

Legal Information

This tab manages the legal information requested from your viewers when they wish to contact you through the Contact Agent option in the lower right corner of the tour player. The Contact Agent option default is set to Off.   

Scroll down on that page and you will see this section which allows you to upload and set up the legal information for the account. 

The main fields to fill out are the Company Name and the Company URL.

Click on the Submit button when done.


  Permissions – This option allows you to customize the permissions for each account. Note: Deactivating certain permissions for an account can render that account user unable to use certain functions in their account.

Let’s discuss each option in detail.

Here is an example of what the tour option panel would look like with the Edit ability disabled for the account. Notice how the edit option disappeared?

The account user would no longer be able to edit the tours on their account.

This is an example of an Archived tour. Pay attention to the Delete button here.

Once you disable the Delete option for this account, notice how there no longer is a Delete button on this archived tour.

Click on Submit when done.

Note: Each permission can be enabled or disabled for individual accounts. This allows you to preset the type of account you want a person to have.


  Statistics – This option allows you to generate a statistical report of views and clicks of tours from this account.

A pop-up window should appear on your screen upon clicking the statistics button.

Here, you may set the Statistic Dates From and To and the email address of the account owner. Remember to press request when done.

Go To Customer

  Go To Customer – This option allows you to view the tours under this account. This covers both active and archived tours.

Two options will drop down when you click on this button.

Here you can view both the Active Tour List on the account and the Archived Tour List.

Here, you can access the account as if you were the account owner yourself to manage, share access and edit tours as well as download files.

You can access all the tours archived under the account. You have the option to either set the tour to active or permanently delete the tour.

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