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15.1. Admin Functions Overview

Overview of the Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is where administrative users may create and manage user accounts under their organization.

To get to the admin dashboard, click on the Admin button. The Admin Button however, is ONLY available for accounts with administrative access.

Upon clicking on the Admin Button, you will be redirected to the admin dashboard with a table of user accounts as your default view.

The admin dashboard is split into three sections:

A. Admin Option Panel

The Admin Option Panel is a list of options you can choose to perform macro-scale administrative actions.

The list contains the following:

List User Accounts

List User Accounts displays the list of all user accounts under the organization. This is the default option and your default view when accessing the Admin Dashboard. This option allows you to perform several specific actions to manage the accounts and the tours under them. More on these management actions in the next lesson 

Create New Office

The Create New Office option allows you to create New Office Accounts under the organization.

Office Accounts has almost the same Admin rights as the Super Admin account where they can create additional user accounts and modify their settings and permissions.

Create New User

The Create New User option allows you to create New User Accounts under the organization.

How to create a new user account is detailed in lessons ahead.

A detailed discussion on how to create a new user account will be discussed in the next lessons ahead.

Statistics Data

The Statistics Data generates statistical reports regarding account-specific or tour specific data based on your preferred filter settings.

Make sure to select the proper filters for the system to display the contents you wish to display.

Language: The language chosen for the accounts. Accounts with the set language displays on the list if the corresponding language filter is selected.

Filter by Date of Activation: Allows you to filter the date by activation and allows you to display the list of accounts that were created before or after your date set.

Download Data allows you to download the data in either Excel (CSV) or JSON format.

Numeric List Display: Allows you to select the number of user accounts displaying in the list by adjusting the number on display.

B. Search and Filter Options

The Search and Filter Options panel allows you to search and filter out accounts you wish to display on the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Account Type Tabs allows users to toggle between lists of Office account types and User account types. Users may toggle the list to show all account types, office accounts only and user accounts only.
  2. The search bar only accepts account username emails to search and display the account on the dashboard. It is important to know the username of the account you are searching for to use this search filter.
  3. Toggles the number of total accounts displayed in the list.
  4. Filters and sorts the account list by Date Modified, Date Created and Active accounts.
  5. The statistics button opens a pop-up window that allows you to set the “date from” and “date to” statistical report for a specific account. This then navigates you to the STATISTICS DATA option panel with the related data summary after clicking on Request.

C. Account Management Board

The Account Management Board is the dashboard panel where all user accounts under your organization are displayed. This includes the identity, emails, number of agents, contact information, number of tours, date the account was created and management actions you can perform on the account.

There are three sections in the Account Management Board.

  1. Information Panel: Displays basic information about the account. This includes the identity, username email, number of contact profiles (Agents), number of tours and the date the account was created.
  2. Actions Panel: Displays account management functions that allow you to manage the account by setting permissions, contact profiles, and settings. This panel allows you to view the 360 tours under the account. More on the account management functions are discussed in the next lessons ahead.
  3. Toggle Page: This allows you to traverse through pages of user account lists.

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