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1.3. Step by Step Checklist in Creating a Tour

Basic procedures for Creating a Tour.

  1. Set up Camera on Tripod

  2. Open app and sync camera to iPad/ phone

  3. Verify height

  4. Enter date & location

  5. Use HDR mode to brighten images (recommended).

    Refer to the Tips below as you proceed to the next steps.

  6. Begin with exterior photo of the front of the home (BE sure the entire home is in the photo as this will be the introductory shot).

  7. Turn on all lights, keep windows closed & doors in home open.

  8. Proceed to interior working your way from room to room. If all corners of a room cannot be seen, additional photos are required to capture all angles.  It is recommended to start with entryway and work your way counterclockwise through the home.  Do not forget the Garage & any larger closets you can walk into.

  9. When taking the photos, pay attention to the next location you want to shoot. For the best flow in a tour, you can see from one hotspot to the next.

  10. Remember to take photos around objects that blocks the view. Examples of these would be walls, beds, kitchen islands/peninsulas and couches. Most bedrooms and kitchens should have 2 shots minimum but a recommended 3 shots.
  11. Keep the camera 4 feet away from walls as much as possible.
  12. Photos in hallways & stair landing are also required. With the interiors of the rooms visible to the camera.  Multiple hallway pictures may be needed. Be certain doors are open

  13. Porches, decks, etc. should be placed in interior floors so they are part of the interior flow and so they are included in the sketches.

  14. Review that all rooms have been imaged.

  15. Upload Tour.


— Make sure the front of the camera is facing the best subject of the room/area. The front of the camera is where the camera brand logo is located. For example, when shooting the front of the house, you would want your viewers seeing the house first instead of the streets, this is why facing the camera the right way helps.

— Single Shot mode is best used for interior shots while Quick Capture is best used for exteriors. This mainly because they get more areas to hide when taking interior shots as opposed to exteriors.

— Wait for the camera to finish beeping and the photo to register on the app. Moving the camera while it is bleeping and taking the photo will cause unwanted stitching or fade issues on the panorama. This applies when using HDR.

— Make sure all four corners of a room are visible (if possible) in the pano.

— Place the camera at the center of the room or as close to the center of the room if possible. 


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