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4.7. Configuration

The configuration option allows users to configure settings for the tour and their accounts.

The Accounts option allows users to update their preferred settings with regards to uploads, fetching. You can also choose to keep your preferred settings active or inactive. For now, you can disregard these settings.

The Settings option allow users to configure the following:

  • Logos & Styles
  • Player design
  • Legal Information
  • Floorplan Order

Logos & Styles

In the Logos & Styles tab, you can configure the settings for the following:

A. Apply design to → You can specify if you want the configuration to apply to either all or particular agents.

B. Upload logo → You can upload your company or personal logo here.

C. Upload hotspot → You can upload your hotspot here. 

D. Upload tripod cover → You can upload any image as your tripod cover. We recommend you use a marketing or branding image to serve as a secondary purpose.

E. Choose theme color → You can select from a multitude of options as the theme color.

Player design 

In the Player design tab, you can specify if you want the configuration to apply to either all or particular agents. You can also toggle if you want the following functionalities and buttons visible on your tour:

Legal Information


In the Legal information tab, you can choose which of the following fields to display and which of the chosen should be mandatory:

You can also upload a PDF copy of your terms & conditions and revocation. The Terms and Conditions checkbox is for displaying the uploaded PDF or not.

You can also add/change the Company name and Company URL in this section. 

Floorplan Order

In the Floorplan Order tab, you can toggle the settings on whether you want to notify either of the following when your floorplan order is ready:

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