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10. The Tour Player

The Tour Player is the platform where viewers access and view the tour.

In this module, we will break down the different parts of the Player interface.

Desktop View


  • To pan the image, simply click and hold on an area and drag the mouse over to which direction you would like to pan to.
  • To zoom in, simply use the mouse scroll button.

Mobile View


  • To pan the image, simply press and hold on an area and drag your finger over to which direction you would like to pan to.
  • To zoom in, press and hold two fingers on any area and drag both fingers apart to zoom in or closer to zoom out.

A. Floorplan Button

  • The Floorplan Button when clicked shows a floorplan of the tour with navigational hotspots.
  • The floorplans are a graphical representation of the property giving viewers a top-down perspective of how the property looks like.
  • The Hotspots on the floorplan allow viewers to jump from one room to another with ease.
  • To know how to request for Floorplans through the Portal, see: Floor Plan Creation from Related Pages
  • If you have a copy of a floorplan here is how to add a floorplan, see: Floorplan from Related Pages

B. Photo Picker

  • The Photo Picker when clicked displays all the images assigned to that particular floor.
  • Viewers may navigate through different floors to display a different set of images by clicking on the Pop-Up list just above the image list.

C. Info Points

  • Infopoints are Information Points that allows users to add additional details about a particular portion or area of the property.
  • On the top right of the interface is an Info Point List that searches, tracks and displays the number of Info Points in the tour as well as those visited or seen.
  • Clicking on an Info Point Title on the Info Point List would navigate the viewer to the image where the Info Point is located then display the Info Point's contents.
  • See Adding Info Points from Related Pages

D. Hotspots

  • Hotspots are navigational icons were viewers may click on to navigate to the direction the Hotspot is located in. This allows viewers to traverse from one room to another just as how someone would walk through a house.
  • See Adding Hotspots from Related Pages

E. Miscellaneous

  • The miscellaneous items on this portion of the player include a language selection option as well as a fullscreen view mode.
  • On Mobile, this includes a gyroscope and VR mode option.
  • Logo on the top left.
  • Personal Contact Information for the person to contact on the lower right.

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