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6. How to Order 2D Floor Plans

Floorplans are a graphical top-down representation of a property's layout. They usually serve as a map for viewers to know which part of the property are they currently in when viewing a virtual tour.


The immovewer system provides users the ability to acquire these Floorplans through an Order 2D floor plan button on the immoviewer Portal. 

How to Order 2D Floorplans

Note: You may also use the recommended default value in the event that the actual height of the camera was not recorded.

Reviewing Floorplans

This step happens when the user is notified via email informing them that the Floorplan for the tour is completed.


Ordering Floorplan Credits

To order additional Floorplan Credits, the current remaining credits would have to be consumed first.

Once the Floorplan Credit counter hits 0, do the following:

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