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3. Improving Accuracy on Floorplans

To make an accurate floorplan, please, follow these steps:

  1. Starting your new floorplan look through all your rooms, use "360° View" window, you can open it in a separate tab of a browser.

  2. In a 360° View user can measure distances on the floor and ceiling.
    360° View has green highlighted areas, measurements are more accurate inside it.
    Also, it has vertical bars ("stitches"), they are vertical relative to the screen.
    It would be much better if all vertical lines on the image (walls/windows/doors) are parallel to stitches. To correct lines angle - image's pitch and roll values can be changed.

  3. Set up panels to fit your screen resolution and your personal preferences ("360° View" can be resized and repositioned). Choose units you wish to be displayed.

  4. Start with new walls and rooms ("Draw walls" instrument). All wall intersections contain corners. All walls and corners can be moved. In draw walls mode use shift or alt to alter wall to half of its thickness - it can be useful when drawing a contour of a room.

  5. Selecting a wall/door/window/room/object will show its properties.

  6. Divide a wall with a double-click when needed.

  7. Change wall thickness when needed.

  8. Add cameras to rooms and associate them with 360° images. Then rotating a 360° View will change a camera indicator on a plan.

  9. Add furniture and construction elements. Any missing box-like furniture items can be added with a "cube" instrument.

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