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1. Hardware and System Requirements


A. A 360 Camera

A.1. Madventure 360 Camera


A.2. Ricoh Theta SC 360° video and still camera

A.3. Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera 

A.4. Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera


B. Micro SD Card (For Madventure Users Only)  

C. Selfie Stick (For Madventure Users Only)

D. Tripod


On Mobile

  1. DocuSketch App should run on any iOS or Android Device so long as these conditions are met:
    1. must have the latest firmware updates installed.

    2. The latest version of the Docusketch mobile application should be installed.
    3. At least 1GB of memory space free for use

On Desktop

  1. The latest version of desktop browsers. Chrome and Firefox preferred.

       2. At least 2GB RAM.

       3. Internet Connection Required.

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